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DataChat is a cohesive analytics platform that uses our proprietary Guided English Language (GEL©) to make a broad range of functions — including data wrangling, preparation, exploration, visualization, and predictive modeling — accessible to everyone, empowering them to improve business outcomes.

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Benefits and Features

Experience our approach to a new kind of analytics workflow. Discover new insights by combining the best of human intuition and machine intelligence.

Powered by Conversational Intelligence

DataChat a unique way for humans to collaborate with a machine.

You bring your intuition and machines bring their ability to efficiently search for patterns in data. Thus, both you and the machine play to your strengths and collaborate to discover the hidden gems in your data.

Data-Driven Decisions

DataChat makes it possible for everyone in your organization – not just programmers – to work with their data in a self-service and collaborative manner.

Our customers report improvements in both individual and team efficiency in making data-driven decisions.

Confident, Data-driven decisions

With DataChat, your users can avoid the fragmented, siloed, and disjointed analytics landscape of today and begin their analytics journey with the platform of tomorrow.

DataChat’s all-in-one platform gives your people the power to make confident, data-driven decisions from a transparent, understandable, collaborative, and governable source of truth.

Wherever You Have Data,
DataChat Can Help

From retail to consumer goods to manufacturing to healthcare, DataChat’s innovative analytics platform can help empower your people to find purpose in your data and propel your business.

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Built In The Midwest, Based Everywhere

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, DataChat’s stellar team brings together deep academic roots, rich entrepreneurial success, and industry know-how to make analytics and data science available to everyone.

With over $25 million in funding to date, we’re growing rapidly and expanding aggressively. Interested in helping us on our mission? Check out our openings.

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